Simple Front Yard Makeover: Before and After

I’m excited to share some of the progress I’ve made on my front yard this year. On top of adding a new roof, removing shutters and an old aluminum awning, I’ve done a tremendous amount of work in my gardens. Check it out:

Front Yard “Before” Photos:

This is the only true before shot I have of the front yard. The tree and weeds were even more overgrown than this when I moved in. The tree was supposed to be “weeping” – and needed major pruning.

Front Yard “Middle” Photos:

I relocated some of the rock that was covering the sideyard and moved it here to create a barrier. The rocks were so covered with weeds in the sideyard; it was a mess.

Front Yard “Now” Photos:



Front Yard Redo Front Yard Redo

Flowers Added to the Front Garden this Year:
  • 2 Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower / Platycodon grandiflorus
  • 3 Early Sunrise Tickseed / Coreopsis grandiflora
  • 2 Hosta Varieties
  • 4 Double Blue Madness Petunia, Annual
  • 2 White Vinca Pots / Catharanthus roseus, Annual
  • Mexican Heather Pot / Cuphea hyssopifolia, Annual
  • Mixed Variety Hanging Basket, AnnualEnjoyed shopping for flowers at the Clinton Bailey Farmer’s Market! I also got some beautiful flowers from Menne’s.
Existing Plants/Shrubs in Front Yard:
  • Hedges
  • Weeping Cherry Tree
  • Variegated Shrub

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