Entry Door Makeover: Boring White to Pastel Pink

My entry door has always been a source of “blah”. Since my home is a two-family split, the main entry door to the apartment leads to a hallway and isn’t anything special — no fancy windows, no bright colors. Originally, I had every intention of stripping the door down to its original 1916 wooden charm. But, the door wasn’t in the best shape, and I had spent many long, aching hours stripping and refinishing other doors in my house to know the pains involved. There was no easy way to remove (and be without) the main door to my apartment.

So, the plan was to eventually repaint it white. I patched some spots and let the door sit for months. Then I thought I would paint it black… then grey… and for a time I landed on a steely blue color. Until one day, I was browsing on Pinterest and saw the jarring inspiration for my entry door makeover… Salmon pink! It took only a few seconds before I was set on the idea. It had to be done, and it had to be soon!

Entry Door Inspiration:


The Process:

Entry door makeover -- painting a door pink

The plan was simple… the next time I was in a home improvement store, I would see if there were any discounted paints that would work. I didn’t want to spend a lot on this project because I only intended on painting one door this color, and I felt better about being risky with color if it was in a thrifty way. Instead of spending $14 on a quart, I purchased:

  • 1 QT of remnant paint in a deep rose color with a flat finish / Discounted down to ~$4
  • 1 sample size of Valspar paint in Coral with a satin finish / ~$3.80

When I got home, I started mixing the two paint colors, quickly realizing the combination was going to be way too dark. With sheer determination (this was happening today without another trip to the store), I grabbed some white primer out of the basement and used that as the base. The mixture consisted mostly of the coral color and just a tad of the dark rose color. I ended up with a very dusty, flat rosy salmon. Ultimately I was fine with a flatter sheen because this door has imperfections I was looking to hide. The color turned out perfect!

Before & After:

After two quick coats, the door exceeded my expecations. Sorry I don’t have a better “before” shot. Just imagine that the entry door was dirty and scratched. Now it pops against the white trim, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

What color is your entry door? Would you ever consider pink?

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