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About Lauren & Heirlooms at Home

Welcome to my third blog! I decided to start this page after I bought my first home. Subsequently, my antique jewelry Instagram was starting to get saturated with home renovation and antique refurbishing projects I was too excited not to share.

If you don’t already know, I am Lauren, and I run Ageless Heirlooms. This antique jewelry company evolved out of a college internship and job at an antique shop. I started making jewelry (and blogging) at Lauren Rose Design. Be gentle if you dare go check out that old blog! Eventually, I began selling antique engagement rings on Ebay and slowly moved to Etsy, then I launched my own e-commerce shop, went back to Etsy, opened a brick and mortar shop, closed it… and now I’m back online again.

Through all my antique jewelry business ventures, one of my ultimate goals was to own an old home. In 2014, I made it happen and bought a modest 1916 craftsman that had some original charm — and a lot more charm hiding under wallpaper and paint. This space is dedicated to sharing some of my home, homes that inspire me, and heirloom stories worth documenting. Stay tuned!